Value of small production groups Birmingham

There’s the old adage: ‘If you want something done properly, do it yourself,’ and never is this more appropriate than in the case of small production companies. For writers it’s the chance to dive in at the deep end (with no floating devices, experience or lifeguard) and put your piece on in front of a... Continue Reading →


Green with envy, pink with pride

Cucumber Writers is deep into the production of our new show for November – and I'm not. It's part of the Cucumber format that different writers work on the shows but by chance this is the first time I've not been writing since I joined this producing theatre group. And it's so strange. The way... Continue Reading →


We've officially sent off our evaluation to the Arts Council for our Propagate programme, bringing to an end all the fabulousness that happened in 2017. It was such a smashing year for us that we thought we'd share some of the highlights with you. FORTY artists took part in this project including writers, actors, directors... Continue Reading →

Save the date for Anything & Everything Else

Your follow up appointment has been made... Earlier this month we presented first drafts of our Anything and Everything scenes set in a hospital A&E department. These have been in development and Cucumber Writers now invite you to view the final pieces in Anything and Everything Else. Free tickets will be available soon but for... Continue Reading →

Constructing ‘Sentences’

WE'RE having a day in court next month with our new show 'Sentences'. Finding the many tiny dramas in people's lives, as they stand in the dock or wait with cooling instant coffee, nerves getting the better of them. We've had a lot of fun looking at the court system, from the wonderful Hogwarts-like architecture... Continue Reading →

Party Planning

THE Cucumber Writers are holding a party this Friday. You should come along. Of course it's a theatrical party. A fictional theatrical awkward office retirement party, but don't let that stop you. There'll be a buffet. This is our first foray back into the world of writing to a theme, after going free form looking... Continue Reading →

Part Two – coming soon

WE'RE deep in the messy sausage making bit of putting one of our rehearsed readings together at the moment, attempting to schedule a collection of lovely, talented and generous performers and directors into our incredibly limited rehearsal schedule. We're constantly very aware that the people giving us their time also have proper paying jobs, which... Continue Reading →

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