Writing workshop and exciting times ahead

WE promised you an insight into the aforementioned 'Big Fat Day of Writing' which we're sensibly retitling writing workshop, while the going's good. The day was organised as a lead up to a new project we're involved in with the wonderful Birmingham Repertory Theatre called 'Open Door'. The theatre is very generously opening up its... Continue Reading →


Onwards and upwards

IT'S traditional at this time of year to start planning ahead, and the Cucumber Writers aren't lacking in vision or ambition. We do have plans, starting with an epic day-long writing workshop later this month to explore some new longer ideas, and get us into a creative frame of mind for the coming year, and... Continue Reading →

A story in every room

HAVING just broadcasted our whereabouts, it would seem odd not to bring you entirely up to date with a glimpse into the workings of a rehearsed reading we're staging this Saturday. Our latest collection of short plays focusses on stories played out in a seedy bed and breakfast near the centre of Birmingham. We had... Continue Reading →

The next big thing

AS a group of writers who only meet once a month, momentum is a tricky thing to maintain. We've tried really hard to set up momentum this year, with rehearsed readings of new work in February, and again in the summer. Of course the tricky thing with setting up momentum is to maintain it, to... Continue Reading →

What next?

THE Cucumber Writers have been meeting for almost a year now, and this month we had our first get together in the new Birmingham Rep building. It was a chance to take a look back at how much we've achieved so far, as well as trying to establish where we're going. Coming off the back of our... Continue Reading →

The First Post

WE'RE pretty new to blogging as a collective, so this might turn out to be a huge mistake, but we'd like to be able to have a chat with you every now and again, about the wonders of writing for the stage, and how we as a group are managing the experience of writing together. Things... Continue Reading →

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