02 – Case Histories – July 2013

Everyone has baggage. It comes in all shapes and sizes, emotional and physical. We carry it with us wherever we go. So take the weight off, set your load down, and join us for a glimpse into the lives of strangers, linked only by their baggage.

‘Weight’ by Angela Gallagher (directed by Polly Tisdall)

Prison, perjury and weight loss…

Lal played by Sophie Willis

Davina played by Deborah McEwan

‘Persons Unknown’ by Liz Parkes (directed by Scott LeCrass)

Ian returns home to help his sister Susan clear out the family home after their mother’s death. Familiar with everything and everybody, it is a routine task until he finds the case…..

Susan played by Catriona McDonald

Ian played by Rob Lister

‘Lost Luggage by Emma Davis (directed by Scott LeCrass)

Brenda meets Martin for the first time since she turned down his marriage proposal, many years ago.

Brenda played by Catriona McDonald

Martin played by Tom Williams

‘The Park of Unfortunate Souls’ by Khush Chahal (directed by Polly Tisdall)

A man, a woman, a park bench and loneliness.

Woman played by Deborah McEwan

Man played by Rupi Lal

‘Bin Day’ by Louise Marshall (directed by Polly Tisdall)

A couple reflects on how their street has changed, and what’s been forgotten over time.

Eileen played by Catriona McDonald

Jim played by Rob Lister

‘From Birmingham to London’ by Laura Yates (directed by Polly Tisdall)

Two cities talk about their complicated relationship.

Birmingham by Bianca Prentice

London by Satnam Singh Aulak

‘Clean’ by Alex Townley (directed by Polly Tisdall)

Two sisters take on an emergency late night cleaning operation.

Katherine played by Sophie Willis

Julie played by Bianca Prentice

‘Charlotte Dixon’s Party’ by Amy Dollery (directed by Polly Tisdall)

A couple tries to decide what they want out of life after gaining a new perspective.

Jane played by Catriona McDonald

Brian played by Tom Williams

 ‘Empty’ by Rupi Lal (directed by Polly Tisdall)

Two brothers discuss one’s crumbling marriage.

Gav played by Rupi Lal

Tej played by Satnam Singh Aulak


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