01 – Pitch and Jam – February 2013

Outside a music festival on a hot summer’s afternoon, cars queue up for hours and tensions rise, while inside the festival ground, people prepare for a weekend of fun, and some get more than they bargained for.

‘Paji’ by Rupi Lal

Two estranged brothers find themselves with one last chance to make peace after a catastrophic turn of events that causes the jam.

Rav played by Rupi Lal

Gurps played by Neil Paul

‘Coffee’ by Amy Dollery

Two exes who still have unresolved issues from their breakup find themselves in parallel cars in the jam.

Laura played by Rose Pardo Roques

James played by Matthew Warburton

‘Nearly There’ by David Payne

A mother and her son get stuck in the jam on the way to a medical appointment, and an innocent attempt to pass the time forces them to face his issues.

Sophie played by Nadia Kemp-Sayfi

Owen played by Rupi Lal

‘Lizzie and Johnnie’ by Louise Marshall

A woman tries to relive her youth by spending her 40th birthday at a music festival with her long-suffering husband.

Lizzie played by Deborah McEwan

Johnnie played by Tom Williams


‘An Impossible Situation’ by Khush Chahal

Two young lovers have time to face up to reality when their attempt to run away together is thwarted by the jam.

Simran played by Nadia Kemp-Sayfi

Dev played by Rupi Lal



‘Ben, Sally, Car’ by Matthew Warburton

The Captain is not as up with the kids as he had initially imagined.

Ben played by Tom Williams

Sally played by Sophie Willis

‘Roadside Bouquets’ by Alex Townley

A couple in their 60s on their way to a university graduation find the jam brings up memories of their son who was killed years before.

Pam played by Deborah McEwan

Norman played by Rob Lister

‘Two Girls and a Tent’ by Angela Gallagher

Two sisters discover they aren’t quite as prepared as they thought they were for their first festival experience.

Chloe played by Rose Pardo Roques

Hannah played by Sophie Willis

‘Getting Nowhere’ by Emma Davis

A boss and employee find their relationship pushed to awkward extremes when they’re stuck together longer than expected on the way back from a conference.

Sean played by Matthew Warburton

Nick played by Tom Williams

 ‘Camping’ by Liz Parkes

A new romance is set on edge at a festival when fun with a Ouija board starts digging up one man’s past.

Ros played by Deborah McEwan

Mike played by Rob Lister


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