03 – The Royal Hagley Guesthouse Hotel – November 2013

In a seedy bed and breakfast near the centre of Birmingham suffering delusions of grandeur, there’s a story in every room, with antics after dark and awkward conversations over the breakfast table.

‘Sabi & Nippi’ by Khush Chahal

Mr Sethi is coming to terms with his dysfunctional family, a bad back, and wondering whether marriage is still the ideal solution to life. Mrs Sethi is wishing he would take his pills, go to sleep to give her some peace, and wondering whether his bad back is the real problem in their life.

Sabi played by Nadia Kemp-Sayfi

Nippi played by Rupi Lal

‘Family Ties’ by Alex Townley

Never the most heroic uncle, Jack is attempting to transport his teenage niece to a better life, with a short stop-over at the Royal Hagley.

Jack played by Alan Wales

Jasmine played by Natasha Cottran

‘Lenny Henry’ by Amy Dollery

Ellie and Meg have been told they’re brave. Now they’re out to prove it by leaving their new foster mum to go and rescue the family dog.

Ellie played by Rose Pardo-Roques

Meg played by Nadia Kemp-Sayfi

‘Room Service’ by Louise Marshall

Mr Robinson is about to try and get some sleep after a busy day, when he finally gets a visit from the room service he’d given up on.

Mr Robinson played by Tom Williams

Tomek played by Hadley Brown

‘The Brummie Bat’ by Rupi Lal

Deepak is on the verge of proposing to his long-term girlfriend Neeru, but first he has to find out what she thinks of his secret identity.

Deepak played by Rupi Lal

Neeru played by Nadia Kemp-Sayfi

‘Pootchie’ by Emma Davis

Celia has been a guest at the Royal Hagley for just two days, but the staff are already tired of her difficult and demanding behaviour. Now her darling Pootchie is missing, and she wants Ted, a waiter, to help her find him.

Celia played by Catriona McDonald

Ted played by Hadley Brown

‘Tea and Conversation’ by Angela Gallagher

For one woman, it’s the morning after the night before and could everyone be quiet, please? For one man, this is a precious chance to see new people and may I sit here? Two strangers meet in the B&B’s breakfast room and can see everything about the other and nothing about themselves.

Max played by Alan Wales

Julie played by Deborah McEwan

‘Bob’ by Liz Parkes

Bob thought he had it all until Fran found out…

Fran played by Catriona McDonald

Maria played by Natasha Cottran

‘Gone to the Dogs’ by Matthew Warburton

Lucy needs to get her mum ready and in the car as quickly as possible or they’ll be late, but Poppy has a few things she’d like to get off her chest first.

Poppy played by Deborah McEwan

Lucy played by Rose Pardo Roques


‘Goodbye’ by Laura Yates

A long-standing love affair is coming to an end in the place where the couple first came together.

Him played by Alan Wales

Her played by Deb McEwan


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