08 -The Writing on the Wall – Nov 2015

Rehearsed readings of a collection of new short plays on the theme of “walls”.

Directed by Nyasha Gudo


‘Over the Wall’ by Liz Parkes

Oliver and Amy have been neighbours for eighteen years. They get on well until their friendship is tested by a nocturnal visitor who exposes their weaknesses.

Amy is played by Jane Campion-Hoye
Oliver is played by Alan Wales


‘The Starry Canopy’ by Louise Marshall

Nighttime. August 1961. Karl-Heinz and Anne-Marie and their baby daughter Daniela, are hiding in a shed in an allotment in East Berlin. It is the night before the first stage of the Berlin Wall is erected. Karl wants them to escape over the border to West Germany and has been assisted in this by his friend and colleague, Heinrich. Based on a true story.

Karl-Heinz is played by Robert Lane
Anne-Marie is played by Jane Campion-Hoye


‘An Englishman’s Home’ by Angela Gallagher

Annie and Vic’s comfortable, ordinary home is due to be demolished. Vic has the answer for how to protect these old, familiar walls but Annie knows that we all build far more
impenetrable walls around ourselves.

Annie is played by Pat Hobday
Vic is played by Alan Wales


‘Hitting the Wall’ by Matt Warburton

“Hitting the Wall” is a low-fi, two-man recreation of the only officially recognised solo swim from the Mull of Kintyre to Nothern Ireland. Based on text written by Wayne Soutter and Paul Greenhalgh.

Featuring Matt Warburton and Tom Williams