07 – Sentences – June 2015

From courtroom tourists, to barristers, jurors, victims, witnesses and the odd person who finds themselves surprisingly standing trial, seven new pieces of writing find the drama in the dock.

‘Good Shoes and a Suit from Marks’ by Angela Gallagher

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It’s easy to dispense justice from a distance and Sandra regularly does. Getting dressed up, going to see real-life court cases, it’s a day out, isn’t it? But the more you know about a case, the harder and more painful it is decide guilt. And today Sandra is going to sit too close…

Sandra is played by Pat Hobday

Barrister is played by Nadi-Kemp-Sayfi

‘Reaquainted’ by Rupi Lal

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Jury service for Rav brings more than expected… Murder, mystery and an opportunity to help an old acquaintance. Can he do what’s asked or will he chose to ignore Alex’s request.

Rav is played by Rupi Lal

Alex is played by Robert Lane

Andy is played by Alan Wales

‘Deception’ by Khush Chahal

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Karina is a professional, a barrister, able to stare criminals in the eye without flinching, but when her mother turns up at her place of work, unexpectedly demanding answers, she starts to see where she gets her unflinching determination from.

Karina is played by Nadi-Kemp-Sayfi

Shana is played by Pam Batta

‘Guilt’ by Laura Yates

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If you’re the only one who knows your crime, the only person to judge you, is yourself.

Julie is played by Nadi Kemp-Sayfi

The Judge is played by Lorna Meehan

‘Trials and Tribulations’ by Liz Parkes

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Susan accompanies her father to court in an act of family solidarity. In the viewing gallery, her good deed causes her to reassess her own relationships, values and life choices.

Susan is played by Lorna Meehan

Pete is played by Alan Wales

‘Unicorns’ by Alex Townley

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After lashing out, Will is feeling pretty awful. He’s messed things up and he’s not sure if anyone will want to stick around, let alone the woman who isn’t even his step-mum anymore.

Will is played by Robert Lane

Jackie is played by Jane Campion-Hoye

‘Private Land’ by Louise Marshall

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Farmer Joe Fairgrass believes his land is a place of solace and privacy. However, his unorthodox farming methods have shocked his curious neighbours. Based on a true story.

Joe is played by Alan Wales

Barrister is played by Jane Campion-Hoye


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