The Page of Eternal Gratitude

We have worked with a host of talented and generous performers and directors.

If you’d like to find out more about them, or even offer them work, we’d be very grateful if you could let them know it was because of their awesome work with Cucumber Writers:

Alan Wales – performer

Alex Townley – director/writer

Bharti Patel – performer

Bianca Prentice – performer

Caroline Frewin – performer

Catriona McDonald – performer

Deborah McEwan – performer

Hadley Brown – performer

Jane Campion Hoye – performer

John Johnson – performer

Kat Bailey – performer

Lee Garrett – performer

Lorna Meehan – director

Matthew Warburton – performer/director/writer

Maura Judges – performer

Nadia Kemp-Sayfi – performer

Natalie Wilson – performer

Natasha Cotran – performer

Neil Paul – performer

Nyasha Gudo – director

Pam Batta – performer

Pardip Kumar – performer

Patricia Hobday – performer

Patrick Bentley – performer

Polly Tisdall – director

Robert Lane – performer

Robert Lister – performer

Rose Pardo-Roques – performer

Rupi Lal – performer/writer

Satnam Singh Aulak – performer

Scott LeCrass – director

Sophie Willis – performer

Suriya Roberts-Grey – director

Tom Williams – performer


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