Party Planning

THE Cucumber Writers are holding a party this Friday. You should come along. Of course it's a theatrical party. A fictional theatrical awkward office retirement party, but don't let that stop you. There'll be a buffet. This is our first foray back into the world of writing to a theme, after going free form looking... Continue Reading →


Part Two – coming soon

WE'RE deep in the messy sausage making bit of putting one of our rehearsed readings together at the moment, attempting to schedule a collection of lovely, talented and generous performers and directors into our incredibly limited rehearsal schedule. We're constantly very aware that the people giving us their time also have proper paying jobs, which... Continue Reading →

The next big thing

AS a group of writers who only meet once a month, momentum is a tricky thing to maintain. We've tried really hard to set up momentum this year, with rehearsed readings of new work in February, and again in the summer. Of course the tricky thing with setting up momentum is to maintain it, to... Continue Reading →

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