Part Two – coming soon

WE’RE deep in the messy sausage making bit of putting one of our rehearsed readings together at the moment, attempting to schedule a collection of lovely, talented and generous performers and directors into our incredibly limited rehearsal schedule.

We’re constantly very aware that the people giving us their time also have proper paying jobs, which they have to give precedence to, so we don’t like the idea of asking anyone to commit to working with us on any particular date, months ahead of time, in case they get an offer of real work and end up in a quandary.

The effect of that though, is that several weeks before a rehearsed reading, we’re crossing our fingers until they turn white, waiting to find out whether we have a full cast, or whether Rupi is likely to have to play a 50 year old woman (clearly he would do an excellent job, it’s just a lot to ask).

Soon (hopefully soon) this bit will be behind us and we’ll be geared up and ready to rehearse, but we already have six intriguing new scripts, and a date booked with the Birmingham Rep, so we’re very excited to get started.

Book yourself a couple of tickets and see what you think.



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