Some feedback from Part One

I’m hoping this doesn’t count as blowing my own trumpet, since I wasn’t one of the writers involved in part one, but this is the feedback we received for the show.

“I really enjoyed it – lots of surprises and thought provoking work – really good stuff – I hope to see more from your group in the future!”

“I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the performances last week. I am amazed that you managed to put together such a professional performance in such a short time. I thought the direction worked so well for all the pieces and you presented a really diverse set of styles and subjects. I also thought the actors brought the texts to life brilliantly.”

“Thanks for including us on the guest list last night, which we hugely enjoyed. We hope to catch the Bold Text Collective next month and I hope to bother you again in the Summer so that we might be treated to the other six Cucumber writers at your Open Door in June.”

“You guys are going from strength to strength, so pleased to be able to be part of your journey.”

“I enjoyed the evening – great performances, all strong and confident pieces.”

“Varied, very entertaining.”

“Emotional, thought provoking, informative, emotive. An evening well spent.”

“Very good – excellent variety and exploration of relationships.”

“I’ve been a professional writer most of my adult life and this group is the first I’ve known who don’t bitch about not being staged, they stage it.”

Thank you lovely folk, for all the support.



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