Open Door – Part One

WE’RE involved in something really exciting this month.

We met as a writing group in February of 2012, taking part in a fantastic initiative with the Birmingham REP called Write Away, which was running for the first time.

I think it’s safe to say we all really enjoyed the experience, and at the end of the 10 weeks, one of us asked what we should do if we wanted to get our writing out there, and the answer was, put it out there yourselves and invite people to come and see it.

We barely knew one another at the time, and we arranged to meet up for a farewell/vaguely organised writing meeting at a nearby pub to chat about whether we might want to do anything in the future.

I think deep down most of us probably suspected we’d have a diet Coke and slip away into the night, never to speak again, but we didn’t. We haven’t.

Instead we’ve found out that a lot of the skills we needed, we already had somewhere between us, and we’ve kept writing, kept giving ourselves deadlines.

The outcome has been (so far, she says carefully) that we’ve successfully staged three rehearsed readings of our writing, with the help of some lovely and talented performers (see our Page of Eternal Gratitude, and give them work please).

This year we’re trying something different. We’re back at the Rep with a new initiative ‘Open Door‘, and we’re working toward some longer pieces, more challenging pieces, using the space to give ourselves room to grow and stretch our skills. We’re very excited about it.

If you’d be interested in coming along, five of us will be showcasing our new work on Thursday, March 13, and the other six will be catching up on Monday, June 2.

To be added to the guest list, write to us at

We’d love to see you there.



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