The First Post

WE’RE¬†pretty new to blogging as a collective, so this might turn out to be a huge mistake, but we’d like to be able to have a chat with you every now and again, about the wonders of writing for the stage, and how we as a group are managing the experience of writing together.

Things we’ve learned so far…

Tip 1 – Get a large table, there will be elbows everywhere.

Tip 2 – Find somewhere quiet to meet (at the moment we’re housed in the back room of a pub. the landlord is lovely to us, but nothing breaks a building tension when a script is being read aloud, quite like a sudden 80’s megamix at top volume).

Tip 3 – Forego the idea that everyone will turn up to every meeting. Be happy with what people can give, and they in turn will give what they can happily.